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Merit Badge

I heard a story at dinner the other night that caught me up. It sounded reasonable enough on the face of it, but something about it just stuck in my craw. It just felt wrong. It went like this: A … Continue reading

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My Father’s Day

He drove the car slowly around the circle out of the empty south lot toward the one nearer the north fields. The hot slant of the noon sun made him squint as he drank in the smell of coming summer … Continue reading

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Four Hours and a Flash

Four hours. That’s the time it took to take a sentence I heard a month ago and turn it into a 700-word expression of what that sentence means to me. It’s a thing of beauty going from the barest slip of … Continue reading

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Alphabetical Order

Have I told you how much I love James Gleick’s The Information? If I haven’t, I find it hard to believe. There haven’t been many conversations in which I didn’t at least mention it since I stumbled upon it (and I mean that literally, … Continue reading

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