How People Search

One of the keenest things about WordPress is something called “search engine terms.” This is stupendously boring language for something voyeuristically fascinating: the words people type into their computers that bring them to me. Or rather, to this blog.

Now I must admit, I don’t use this feature as it’s intended – or most likely I don’t. This is because I really have no idea how to use it in any productive way – if there is one. But, the search engine terms feature does pique my interest. I am interested in a prurient sort of way to see what people search for that brings them here.

Mostly the searches are hilarious. “Red curtain” gets me a ton of “views” because I adorned a post on the Oscars with this pic of a luscious red curtain. Now notice, I didn’t say “gets me a ton of readers” because I am pretty sure the red curtain searchers are not really looking to read an article on last year’s Oscar nominations – especially by someone as opinionated and far off as me. But who knows?

One of my favorite readers (yes, I have favorites – her comments make me feel like an absolute genius and who doesn’t tend to favor that?) told me she found my other blog on a search for “chairs.” Imagine! How lucky was that for me? The key there is also a pic I used: this ring of chairs in a post on collaboration. Although she lives across the ocean, we are united because of a yearning for chairs. Ahhh, life is sweet.

Sometimes the search terms are curious. “Grass blades high rez” boggled me since I don’t recall using any pictures of grass blades nor writing about them, high or any other “rez.” But surely the Universal Search Memory (USM) is far superior to mine, so I capitulate.

Sometimes the search terms are more perfunctory, as in “aniversary” and “jury selction,” both of which I have indeed written about, although I know I used their more conventional spellings.

But what prompted me to admit this bit of self-obsession was one from today: “rebecca reynolds my breasts are too big.” That one raised my eyebrows, then made me laugh – that must have been one sorely disappointed searcher.

By the way, don’t cha just hate it when people using social media, write about social media? Isn’t it bad enough that everyone has their noses buried in it all day long? Sorry. I just couldn’t resist this one. And for a more serious post on the subject of search, click here.


About Rebecca Reynolds

Leadership Guru; Systems Thinker; Complex Problem Solver; Facilitative Leader...also LOVE life, dog Wiley, good food, Malbec, forests, oceans, yoga stillness, the boxing bag, ballroom dance, and movies.
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2 Responses to How People Search

  1. Ms. Reynolds, I am fully aware of the subject matter and understand the point you are driving at. However, I wished you had gone into to the skeletal part of this invasive and fearful SET Monster; a sequel to your “Fear in Small Doses” or maybe not – so small.
    Until then I will reserve my chatter for that match,

    • Dear Pip, thank you for your comment. I definitely took on the lighter side of this issue – but your comment prompted me to think more deeply, for which I thank you. See my most recent post on A Call to Contemplation for the results of this pondering. I look forward to your “chatter” on it!

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