Things Past Due

Old Moon owl appears in the World-cold dusk
steady atop a stark tree’s crown, it defies Earth’s pull
It should be a hawk, we glibly say
while spying through the glass
But black ears hug the rounded head and make itself known

Old Moon owl, the dark peering presence,
comes to tell us the end is near
Of what, we wonder as dread buds
one shiver wisping down the bone

Old Moon owl heralds the dying of things past due
Calls us to look at what finally must go
a friend, a work, a thought…a thorough way of Being
Lay it down, the Great Silence commands
or risk it taking your Life

Old Moon owl is gone at our next glance out
Perhaps it wasn’t there at all, we feign to one another
Its trace remains, a haunting
that returns at the Nadir

Old Moon owl visits our downy pillow
The deep night hunter allows no refuting what is certain
But choice is ours
to continue one more year dead
or cut away what holds us, pinned beneath driven snow



About Rebecca Reynolds

Leadership Guru; Systems Thinker; Complex Problem Solver; Facilitative Leader...also LOVE life, dog Wiley, good food, Malbec, forests, oceans, yoga stillness, the boxing bag, ballroom dance, and movies.
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5 Responses to Things Past Due

  1. L. N. Reynolds says:

    A strong, thoughtful, caring piece. Thank you for the reminder of the self-induced shackles.

  2. Phyllis says:

    I loved this poem…both lyrical and meaninful!!!

  3. Bev says:

    Your immense talents and thoughtfulness never cease to amaze. It’s a joy to be around you and your love of life, love your soul, your sparkle, energy and smile. Indeed, you’re an inspiration.

  4. S. Reynolds says:

    Home truth, delivered with beauty, and without flinching.

  5. An enthralling piece…mysticism.

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