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Leadership Guru; Systems Thinker; Complex Problem Solver; Facilitative Leader...also LOVE life, dog Wiley, good food, Malbec, forests, oceans, yoga stillness, the boxing bag, ballroom dance, and movies.

I Return to Color

The greys and dismal suffocating black have been constant on me as moldy blankets It’s been on the outside of my eye the lens a glassy hard barrier to color I’ve let it keep its distance while I chalked my … Continue reading

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Things Past Due

Old Moon owl appears in the World-cold dusk steady atop a stark tree’s crown, it defies Earth’s pull It should be a hawk, we glibly say while spying through the glass But black ears hug the rounded head and make … Continue reading

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Not Your Usual Holiday Letter

I received this letter more than fifteen years ago from a friend named Joyce. At the time, she was the executive director of a small homeless shelter. I’d met Joyce a few years earlier as a new consultant; she was my first client. We worked together for more than a year … Continue reading

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What Not to Do at the Border

Crossing the US/Canadian border recently, the following conversation ensued. I highly recommend against the types of responses I gave, although they were given in all earnestness. Guard: Do you have any weapons in the vehicle? RR: [looks from guard to … Continue reading

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Duck, Duck, Eagle

My morning ritual includes sipping hot coffee on the long porch overlooking the mudflats. I like to check in on life: where the ducks are milling about, if the otter is floating by or the eagles are sitting on the … Continue reading

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Fallen Leaves and a Squirrel’s Crucifixion

It was already mid-December, but the last round of fallen leaves still covered my sister’s backyard. I was in town for a visit, and she asked if I’d help her collect them. We togged up and headed out into the balmy … Continue reading

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I Drowned Again Last Night

I drowned again last night as I am wont to do. I fight the blackest ocean flogging insistent seas. Against my deepest Self I flail treasure so far below. When at last, my crown submerged, I take first liquid breath … Continue reading

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Parade Illuminations

Last night was the Parade of Lights in our small, farming community of Brighton. We’d been once before, but not for many years. Last time it was so cold the soles of my feet went numb. But we had reason to go … Continue reading

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Every So Often

Every so often, it’s good to do something that scares the hell out you. To choose to do it. Not that running into it by accident isn’t also useful, but choosing to put yourself in a situation that scares you … Continue reading

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Men Who Snap and Shoot

I’m not saying it isn’t horrific. It is. I’m not saying we should take no notice. We should. I’m not saying those slain shouldn’t be eulogized. They should. I’m not saying the slayer’s frame of mind doesn’t count. It does. I’m not … Continue reading

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