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I Drowned Again Last Night

I drowned again last night as I am wont to do. I fight the blackest ocean flogging insistent seas. Against my deepest Self I flail treasure so far below. When at last, my crown submerged, I take first liquid breath … Continue reading

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Men Who Snap and Shoot

I’m not saying it isn’t horrific. It is. I’m not saying we should take no notice. We should. I’m not saying those slain shouldn’t be eulogized. They should. I’m not saying the slayer’s frame of mind doesn’t count. It does. I’m not … Continue reading

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Safari too Close to Home

The grey light of early morning barely illuminated the features of our yard: the sitting rock masquerading as a snowy mound, the standing juniper branches drooping like so many petals from their snowy burden, the gentle slope of lawn stretching … Continue reading

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Merit Badge

I heard a story at dinner the other night that caught me up. It sounded reasonable enough on the face of it, but something about it just stuck in my craw. It just felt wrong. It went like this: A … Continue reading

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Four Hours and a Flash

Four hours. That’s the time it took to take a sentence I heard a month ago and turn it into a 700-word expression of what that sentence means to me. It’s a thing of beauty going from the barest slip of … Continue reading

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“Stone” is, in all probability, a film you haven’t seen, and maybe haven’t even heard of. I remember seeing a trailer for it awhile ago and made a mental note because I love Edward Norton, and noticed he was acting against De … Continue reading

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The Illusion of Conflict

We all would agree that it is possible to disagree, right? And sometimes vehemently. So vehemently that raised voices occur – that first form of suffering at not being heard, acknowledged, known to exist. From yelling, disagreement can turn to isolation, … Continue reading

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