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Not Your Usual Holiday Letter

I received this letter more than fifteen years ago from a friend named Joyce. At the time, she was the executive director of a small homeless shelter. I’d met Joyce a few years earlier as a new consultant; she was my first client. We worked together for more than a year … Continue reading

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Parade Illuminations

Last night was the Parade of Lights in our small, farming community of Brighton. We’d been once before, but not for many years. Last time it was so cold the soles of my feet went numb. But we had reason to go … Continue reading

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Men Who Snap and Shoot

I’m not saying it isn’t horrific. It is. I’m not saying we should take no notice. We should. I’m not saying those slain shouldn’t be eulogized. They should. I’m not saying the slayer’s frame of mind doesn’t count. It does. I’m not … Continue reading

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Childhood Forays in Food Foraging

I was a food forager long before the current foodie trend. I kinda thought we all were. But maybe not. Did you slip out the back door on a luminous summer eve, eyes to the ground in search of snacks? Did … Continue reading

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Stellenbosch Wine Country: Where Old World Pairs with New

Stellenbosch is a bit of paradise. There just isn’t much that’s more stunning than a place devoted to growing grapes – it’s something about the terrain and climate grapes prefer that makes for relentless beauty. And wine itself is of … Continue reading

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The Old Divide and Conquer, Revisited

Post-Script: I wrote the initial post one year ago… In this, Women’s History Month, I am sorry to say that it cannot only be a time for celebrating our forbearers. In light of recent events – hearings where only men are called to … Continue reading

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Saying Yes to South Africa

This time last year, I began my ruminations about turning 50 and what I’d do to mark it. If I’d been thinking of celebration, I might’ve wished for a surprise party, or a fancy dinner somewhere, or a compendium of memories collected and bound … Continue reading

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All Hail, Ms. Kael

Am I mistaken, or did people used to know how to write a film review? A film review isn’t a recap of the film’s plot line, but judging from what gets labeled a film review these days, you’d think “review” … Continue reading

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Ridiculous Redux

It’s that time again. Time for the second installment of “Things that are so ridiculous you can’t believe they exist but they do” – a friendly rant about the ridiculous, hoping to turn my thinking into the sublime. There are … Continue reading

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Anniversary No. 15

My husband and I celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary next week; I jokingly remarked that perhaps now, finally, we’d be beyond the lesser gift categories (paper, cardboard, straw, dryer lint) and into those of real substance. And that got me to thinking, … Continue reading

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