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All Hail, Ms. Kael

Am I mistaken, or did people used to know how to write a film review? A film review isn’t a recap of the film’s plot line, but judging from what gets labeled a film review these days, you’d think “review” … Continue reading

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Ridiculous Redux

It’s that time again. Time for the second installment of “Things that are so ridiculous you can’t believe they exist but they do” – a friendly rant about the ridiculous, hoping to turn my thinking into the sublime. There are … Continue reading

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Habit: What Makes Us Human?

I used to think I wasn’t an addictive personality, and I guess I’m not, in the traditional sense. But I do have habits, strong and persistent ones, that I feel a craving for if left for long. I have thought … Continue reading

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“Stone” is, in all probability, a film you haven’t seen, and maybe haven’t even heard of. I remember seeing a trailer for it awhile ago and made a mental note because I love Edward Norton, and noticed he was acting against De … Continue reading

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Best Pic Update

Okay, today’s the day – we’re finally here. The Oscars. Movie Superbowl. I start watching at 4:00 pm because 7:00 to midnight just isn’t long enough. I downloaded the new Ipad app so I can watch behind the scenes as I watch … Continue reading

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Oscars: Best Pic Pick

Ten films are up for the Best Picture category this year. As you’ve probably heard, they are: “Inception,” “The King’s Speech,” “Black Swan,” “Winter’s Bone,” “True Grit,” “The Fighter,” “The Social Network,” “The Kids Are All Right,” “127 Hours,” and “Toy Story 3.” … Continue reading

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