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Childhood Forays in Food Foraging

I was a food forager long before the current foodie trend. I kinda thought we all were. But maybe not. Did you slip out the back door on a luminous summer eve, eyes to the ground in search of snacks? Did … Continue reading

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Pizza Pan Outed

I pulled the old pan out of its spot and marveled, as I had before, at the amazing good fortune of having a perfect, round pan for heating frozen pizza. It’s my mother’s pan, of course. She of the charmed … Continue reading

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Habit: What Makes Us Human?

I used to think I wasn’t an addictive personality, and I guess I’m not, in the traditional sense. But I do have habits, strong and persistent ones, that I feel a craving for if left for long. I have thought … Continue reading

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Things that are so ridiculous you can’t believe they exist, but they do

It seems innocuous enough, or even good for you. In fact it’s evil. Pure evil. What is pure evil, you may wonder. Let me tell you. Pure evil is something so ridiculous that it says it’s good, people think it’s … Continue reading

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