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The Old Divide and Conquer, Revisited

Post-Script: I wrote the initial post one year ago… In this, Women’s History Month, I am sorry to say that it cannot only be a time for celebrating our forbearers. In light of recent events – hearings where only men are called to … Continue reading

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The Instability of Meaning

Definition being nothing but making another understand by Words, what Idea the term defined stands for. – John Locke The instability of meaning. I like this turn of phrase. Like it because it gets right at the heart of the … Continue reading

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Alphabetical Order

Have I told you how much I love James Gleick’s The Information? If I haven’t, I find it hard to believe. There haven’t been many conversations in which I didn’t at least mention it since I stumbled upon it (and I mean that literally, … Continue reading

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End of Days

So, the world didn’t end last week, but it occurs to me that we may have missed the point. We may have missed the idea that the whole thing was a metaphor. And all the attention paid was about noticing how … Continue reading

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A Decalogue for Journeys

It is, I believe, a fallacy to think of travellers’ qualities as physical. If I had to write a decalogue for journeys, eight out of ten virtues should be moral, and I should put first of all a temper as … Continue reading

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