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Duck, Duck, Eagle

My morning ritual includes sipping hot coffee on the long porch overlooking the mudflats. I like to check in on life: where the ducks are milling about, if the otter is floating by or the eagles are sitting on the … Continue reading

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Fallen Leaves and a Squirrel’s Crucifixion

It was already mid-December, but the last round of fallen leaves still covered my sister’s backyard. I was in town for a visit, and she asked if I’d help her collect them. We togged up and headed out into the balmy … Continue reading

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Every So Often

Every so often, it’s good to do something that scares the hell out you. To choose to do it. Not that running into it by accident isn’t also useful, but choosing to put yourself in a situation that scares you … Continue reading

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Childhood Forays in Food Foraging

I was a food forager long before the current foodie trend. I kinda thought we all were. But maybe not. Did you slip out the back door on a luminous summer eve, eyes to the ground in search of snacks? Did … Continue reading

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Psalm of Spring

I turn my eyes to the blooms out my window, recalling the words of a poet I caught on NPR: “The earth forgives the previous year every year.” Spring does indeed feel like forgiveness – nature returning, first sweetly, oh-so quiet, … Continue reading

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Safari too Close to Home

The grey light of early morning barely illuminated the features of our yard: the sitting rock masquerading as a snowy mound, the standing juniper branches drooping like so many petals from their snowy burden, the gentle slope of lawn stretching … Continue reading

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Tales from the Bush

We’re story-tellers by nature. The truth of this came back to me while on safari in South Africa. Everyone I met as I traveled on the fringes of Kruger National Park – drivers, hosts, rangers, game drive passengers, waiters and … Continue reading

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Idyll of Late Summer

Nature’s breath is cooling today, letting me leave my back door open to the fragrant wafts of herself. She is wily, easing me to sleep on her puffs of quiet night, then startling me awake with the wail of a … Continue reading

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