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Not Your Usual Holiday Letter

I received this letter more than fifteen years ago from a friend named Joyce. At the time, she was the executive director of a small homeless shelter. I’d met Joyce a few years earlier as a new consultant; she was my first client. We worked together for more than a year … Continue reading

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The Old Divide and Conquer, Revisited

Post-Script: I wrote the initial post one year ago… In this, Women’s History Month, I am sorry to say that it cannot only be a time for celebrating our forbearers. In light of recent events – hearings where only men are called to … Continue reading

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Ridiculous Redux

It’s that time again. Time for the second installment of “Things that are so ridiculous you can’t believe they exist but they do” – a friendly rant about the ridiculous, hoping to turn my thinking into the sublime. There are … Continue reading

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Anniversary No. 15

My husband and I celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary next week; I jokingly remarked that perhaps now, finally, we’d be beyond the lesser gift categories (paper, cardboard, straw, dryer lint) and into those of real substance. And that got me to thinking, … Continue reading

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Habit: What Makes Us Human?

I used to think I wasn’t an addictive personality, and I guess I’m not, in the traditional sense. But I do have habits, strong and persistent ones, that I feel a craving for if left for long. I have thought … Continue reading

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Things that are so ridiculous you can’t believe they exist, but they do

It seems innocuous enough, or even good for you. In fact it’s evil. Pure evil. What is pure evil, you may wonder. Let me tell you. Pure evil is something so ridiculous that it says it’s good, people think it’s … Continue reading

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The Club

We arrived for our tour of the Brighton, Colorado branch of the Boys and Girls Club as the sun was starting to set on the day. It had been another bone-chilling one, with temperatures in the negatives, and I’d barely slept the … Continue reading

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What’s Your Afghanistan?

A friend of mine is drawn for some incredible, mysterious, complicated reason to go to Afghanistan. She is a she, what’s more. I don’t know…seems like a rough place for anyone, but a woman in particular. That place is hard (and … Continue reading

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The Illusion of Conflict

We all would agree that it is possible to disagree, right? And sometimes vehemently. So vehemently that raised voices occur – that first form of suffering at not being heard, acknowledged, known to exist. From yelling, disagreement can turn to isolation, … Continue reading

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