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I Drowned Again Last Night

I drowned again last night as I am wont to do. I fight the blackest ocean flogging insistent seas. Against my deepest Self I flail treasure so far below. When at last, my crown submerged, I take first liquid breath … Continue reading

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Parade Illuminations

Last night was the Parade of Lights in our small, farming community of Brighton. We’d been once before, but not for many years. Last time it was so cold the soles of my feet went numb. But we had reason to go … Continue reading

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Every So Often

Every so often, it’s good to do something that scares the hell out you. To choose to do it. Not that running into it by accident isn’t also useful, but choosing to put yourself in a situation that scares you … Continue reading

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The Decline Effect

I read an article in the New Yorker awhile back by Jonah Lehrer on something called the “decline effect” about what might be wrong with the scientific method. This kind of stuff always intrigues me because I secretly think that a lot of … Continue reading

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My Father’s Day

He drove the car slowly around the circle out of the empty south lot toward the one nearer the north fields. The hot slant of the noon sun made him squint as he drank in the smell of coming summer … Continue reading

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Habit: What Makes Us Human?

I used to think I wasn’t an addictive personality, and I guess I’m not, in the traditional sense. But I do have habits, strong and persistent ones, that I feel a craving for if left for long. I have thought … Continue reading

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Glory Day

I like it that Earth Day and Good Friday fall on the same day this year. This conjunction juxtaposes what appear to be celebrations of contradictory world views. And these kinds of coincidences are too much for me not to ponder. … Continue reading

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“Stone” is, in all probability, a film you haven’t seen, and maybe haven’t even heard of. I remember seeing a trailer for it awhile ago and made a mental note because I love Edward Norton, and noticed he was acting against De … Continue reading

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What’s a Saint?

Saint. What a word. It’s fully loaded. I happen to like it. Perhaps because I have wrestled its meaning to the ground. I wrestled it until I was blue in the face, sweating all over, spent to the nth degree, … Continue reading

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What’s Your Afghanistan?

A friend of mine is drawn for some incredible, mysterious, complicated reason to go to Afghanistan. She is a she, what’s more. I don’t know…seems like a rough place for anyone, but a woman in particular. That place is hard (and … Continue reading

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