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What Not to Do at the Border

Crossing the US/Canadian border recently, the following conversation ensued. I highly recommend against the types of responses I gave, although they were given in all earnestness. Guard: Do you have any weapons in the vehicle? RR: [looks from guard to … Continue reading

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Every So Often

Every so often, it’s good to do something that scares the hell out you. To choose to do it. Not that running into it by accident isn’t also useful, but choosing to put yourself in a situation that scares you … Continue reading

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Stellenbosch Wine Country: Where Old World Pairs with New

Stellenbosch is a bit of paradise. There just isn’t much that’s more stunning than a place devoted to growing grapes – it’s something about the terrain and climate grapes prefer that makes for relentless beauty. And wine itself is of … Continue reading

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Safari too Close to Home

The grey light of early morning barely illuminated the features of our yard: the sitting rock masquerading as a snowy mound, the standing juniper branches drooping like so many petals from their snowy burden, the gentle slope of lawn stretching … Continue reading

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Tales from the Bush

We’re story-tellers by nature. The truth of this came back to me while on safari in South Africa. Everyone I met as I traveled on the fringes of Kruger National Park – drivers, hosts, rangers, game drive passengers, waiters and … Continue reading

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Saying Yes to South Africa

This time last year, I began my ruminations about turning 50 and what I’d do to mark it. If I’d been thinking of celebration, I might’ve wished for a surprise party, or a fancy dinner somewhere, or a compendium of memories collected and bound … Continue reading

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Eavesdropping on UA Channel 9

I love listening to United Airline’s inflight channel 9. For those who suppose this might mean country music or the comedy channel, let me explain: channel 9 carries, at the pilot’s discretion, air traffic control (and ground) communications. It’s an open channel that … Continue reading

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Alphabetical Order

Have I told you how much I love James Gleick’s The Information? If I haven’t, I find it hard to believe. There haven’t been many conversations in which I didn’t at least mention it since I stumbled upon it (and I mean that literally, … Continue reading

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A Decalogue for Journeys

It is, I believe, a fallacy to think of travellers’ qualities as physical. If I had to write a decalogue for journeys, eight out of ten virtues should be moral, and I should put first of all a temper as … Continue reading

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What’s Your Afghanistan?

A friend of mine is drawn for some incredible, mysterious, complicated reason to go to Afghanistan. She is a she, what’s more. I don’t know…seems like a rough place for anyone, but a woman in particular. That place is hard (and … Continue reading

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